19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 1 - Assessing a Dormant Project

3 minutes

I had originally started writing this ray tracer back in 2014 during CMSC 435 under Prof. Marc Olano. I attempted to invest time here and there into the project over the years, but life/wor…

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 2 - Parsing an OBJ file

4 minutes

As mentioned in a previous blog post, one of my first major goals for this iteration of the project is to add OBJ file support. While I could use an existing library, such as

Ray Tracing Devlog 3 - Ray Tracing Math

10 minutes

Ray tracing is a form of image-order rendering, where each pixel's final color is calculated independently by determining which objects impact the pixel and calculating from there. Put another way, one or more rays are shot through each x, y p…

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 4 - Ray Triangle Intersection

6 minutes

Ray tracing can calculate images off many different types of primitives - spheres, cyliners, cones, and more. To start out with, we will limit our intersection needs to a triangle. As the basis for our calculation we will be using the algorithm as laid…

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 5

1 minutes

Sample Text

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