28 May 2017

Front-End Web Architecture

12 minutes
Organizing your front end architecture in a sensible way

1 Jun 2017

Knockout File Tree

6 minutes
Using Knockout's custom bindings to build a file tree

25 Jun 2018

Win32 / OpenGL 3.x without GLEW/GLFW

6 minutes
Most OpenGL tutorials skip how to setup OpenGL without a library. But that can lock into a library without understanding exactly what it's doing.

28 Mar 2020

Rust Macros and Crate Exploration: auto_ops

9 minutes
Rust's built in handling of operator loading can lead to a lot of tedium without macros. We're going to explore a crate that handles a lot of the grunt work for us and use that as a vehicle to explore Rust macros.

23 Mar 2020

Rust Operator Overloading

4 minutes
Handling Rust's operator overloading for you custom classes can be tedious. This post discusses how to make it easier to maintain your Rust code.

21 Jul 2019


0 minutes
What's a blog without a little math

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 1 - Assessing a Dormant Project

2 minutes
My ray tracer project has lain fallow for too long. This devlog will serve as a way of tracking my progress and sharing what I've learned along the way.

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 2 - Parsing an OBJ file

3 minutes
In order to take OBJ files as input, I first needed to write a parser for the file specification.

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 3 - Ray Tracing Math

9 minutes
Today we'll discuss some of the basic math behind ray tracing and build out a simple vector math library.

19 Feb 2020

Ray Tracing Devlog 4 - Ray Triangle Intersection

5 minutes
Today we'll be working on setting up a simple ray-triangle intersection test.